About Roscarich​

Roscarich rose out of echoes of economical challenges and rough regulations, a rebirth of an old traditional wise call to keep hands together in sharing resources between people. A social association with a technological evolution of the ancient financial system known by “ROSCA”.

Why Roscarich?

Roscarich reevaluate the benefits of ROSCA for communities and making a new definition to the method, by combining it with other social development solutions known to fundraise startup business, to give flexibility on trading options, and others that encourage results with one big beneficiary on every deal.

Those are all the reasons of taking this method as a must have social development solution.

What is ROSCA?

ROSCA is the short term of “Rotating Savings And Credit Association”, the way group of individuals agree to save together, based on understanding, away of banks difficult long list of requirements, lawsuits, and interests.


We use well world wide trusted payment processing company known as PayPal. It puts the buyer security first in priority, and with the (PayPal Buyer Protection) service, PayPal insures the refund for 180 days (6 Months) from the date of your purchase or payment, and that’s what Banks don’t offer.



There will be live broadcasts of every campaign winning event on varios Youtube famous channels and if it’s possible world recognized TV channels with celebrities hosting in the range of our budget just to earn trust and to advertise for more members joining for less waiting times.

There will be disclose for the campaigns performance to help visitors on manage their chances for the next winning cycle. Members will also be able to access all their transactions history with details


There will be more social engagements throughout or Social Media different channels, to share thoughts, ideas, and complaints, as well as a special lobby for winner to hand further investment proposals and strategies of approach.



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