Our Method Of ROSCA

Our method of ROSCA is all about Campaigns.

No circles you need to create.

No members to find and evaluate.

No budget to negotiate.

No debates on who first and who waits.

No big cut of salary to compensate.

No process of ID to validate.

No lawsuit on who is late.

No risk of any sort at any rate.

Only campaigns that will get you rich! you just wait

Sounds great! right? nevertheless, it’s not always the case for the winners.

The winners need to get through a process of ID Verifications, Criminal Record Check, and a contract to sign to insure payment back to campaigns to continue giving the rest of the users their shares and turn to win and in a short time.

We treats this method of financial solution as a respected and old traditional style of life. Some believes it as a religious rightful and fair exercise based on cooperation, understanding, and trust. We ensure it stays that way while enhancing it to solve issues and challenges known to the original concept on How to:

  • Save bigger amounts.
  • Make it affordable.
  • Make it access easy.
  • Make it risk free.
  • Make it endless.
  • Accept Members worldwide.

We made the process for winners even greater.

Our platform uses long studied rules and measures to ensure commitments, and for the nature of how our method saves and gives on huge worth of loans that the winner can actually do a lot with, we put ourselves professionally in charge on (How to Spend) projects that can also help.

The same masterminds behinds this idea are going to make sure every project we partnered with the winner on, is going to payback and even maximize opportunities for us, our users, and winners all alike. We will be the fastest growing business and users in the world.

Nothing much have changed here, only better.

People around the world choose this method of financial solution in the first place to hasten the production of the needed money to travel, pay a late debt that cannot wait, pay a down payment for a car or a house that some cannot afford, or raise a capital for a project, and the list goes on. That does not mean that one can keep the funding to himself, he still needs to pay back in a way it does not leave an impact on his earnings.

Our platform is not only about money savings and investments, but also about creating jobs, growing business, reducing poverty worldwide, and finding ways for communities to focus on a successful role that they can only accomplish together with help of our platform.