How It Works


Campaigns never ends with fixed limited number of users to join, these campaigns are targeting fixed huge amount of money that can be of value of up to 1,000,000$ or more. It waits until every user pays his share of saving before it closes and announce the next winner (in random turn) to benefit from this full collected amount.

Every time a campaign reached the full-required number of users, a new campaign will begin. A user can join multiple times on multiple campaign to increase the chance of winning sooner, also can pay a share of savings as many times as we limit on the same campaign, to have more chance to take the turn of winning earlier.

We made campaigns open for everyone anywhere in the world, but for many statistics, analysis, and situations like the country legal boundaries, currency, or the minimum users count from the same country, we will create another customized campaign, hopefully, sharing the news from users will get the campaign on the same country completed in no time.


Users can cancel and ask for refund of their total savings at any time, if they wish not to wait longer before taking the turn to win. The process of one refund order can takes up to (14) days for one payment, and 30 days for all payments.

If a user decides to withdraw from one full join-closed campaign, a new user from the next open campaign will take his place. Oldest joined user goes to the full previous campaign first.

A campaign will open again to collect from users for the next round just soon after the winner announcement, so that the rest of users will take turn to gain the same benefits.

If a user delays on payments for four (7) days, we will transfer him on hold to another new campaign that gathers all those who have problem paying the (Share On Demand) until they pay on the next campaign. A new user from the next open campaign will take his place. Oldest joined user goes to the full previous campaign first.

The scenario goes on repeatedly. Campaigns will be live as long as there is new users are joining in place of those who do not deliver payments within time, as there will be always new users to join and waiting for their chance to win.

Roscarich will exchange the seats of members between campaigns for the performance  and fast results when necessary. The seats value of higher campaigns will split into equal values of seats in lewer campaigns.

If member should request money withdrawal with big amounts for any reason, he can still start a new membership at any time with the lowest rate and still can have the chance to win.


Winners will be announced publicly throughout many different social media channels,  as well as a live broadcast for the winners draw by random hand picking or by software.  

When a user wins a turn, an ID verifications and Criminal Record Check will take place, after completion the winner will sign a contract with us, that specifies (How to Spend) plans to insure pay back to the other users.

We take a parcel sum of the total campaign target as a fee of service to insure payments back, consultancy and money managements for the winner, lawyers, and all legal works to hand over wealth and benefits of our services.

If a winner is limited with legal demands (Not criminal), we will help him to break free and have a fair use of our services as a winner, like for examples and not limited to debts, governmental paper works, traveling boundaries that can be dealt with like traveling tickets, visas expenses, etc.

For any reasons, if a winner fails to benefit from our service, an announcement of another winner will take his place randomly, and the failed winner will have options to continue until he solves the causes of these failures for another random turn, or withdraw his savings.